Sharon Wolcott

Sharon Wolcott

Title: Mayor of Surprise, Arizona
Term: January 1, 2012 – December 31, 2015
Address: 16000 N. Civic Center Plaza Surprise, AZ 85374
Phone: 623.222.1300
Twitter: @MayorWolcott

Mayor Sharon Wolcott was elected November 2011, on a platform of job creation, new education opportunities and improved transportation. She also committed publicly to bringing fiscal accountability and transparency to municipal government, and setting a course for progress in Surprise.

Her Jobs, Education and Transportation (J.E.T.) initiative has generated strong results and impressive reviews from residents, local businesses, regional and national stakeholders.

Mayor Wolcott has a team approach to job creation, working with Economic Development staff, the Surprise Regional Chamber of Commerce and regional partners such as the Greater Phoenix Economic Council, where she is a Board member. Since she has taken office, more than 400 new permanent career positions and 300 construction jobs have been created in Surprise as a result of $55 million in new capital investments.

Mayor Wolcott is a strong advocate for a broad transportation vision for Surprise and Arizona. She is a Board member of the I-11 Coalition, promoting the development of a congressionally authorized freeway linking Phoenix and Las Vegas and recognizing its vast economic potential for the West Valley. She serves on the Transportation Policy Committee of the regional Maricopa Association of Governments, and is active on the Transportation, Infrastructure & Services Policy and Advocacy Committee of the National League of Cities. She has presented on regional transportation issues and challenges around the Valley and the state, and is a leader in the Grand Avenue Coalition, an initiative to redevelop Grand Avenue by involving leaders from all communities along its length.

She is passionately supporting the Rachel’s Challenge anti-bullying initiative in Surprise schools, and is active with the innovative Arizona Charter Academy, where she recently delivered an inspirational speech to graduating students. She presided over a City Council vote to approve a new agreement between Surprise and the Dysart Unified School District to share facilities and costs, improving services to the children and young people of Surprise. She has also encouraged development of a Youth Leadership Commission across the West Valley. She is sharply focused on securing a four year liberal arts university in Surprise.

Under her leadership as Mayor, the City of Surprise adopted dozens of new financial policies, ordered sweeping reviews of city financial records, and cut budgets to address serious shortfalls without raising taxes or impacting essential services. These steps resulted in projected budget surpluses in FY13 and FY14 and a clean bill of health in the city’s FY12 audit. The completion of an exhaustive review of the city’s financial activities has added transparency to her promise of accountability in city finances.

A born communicator and bridge builder, Mayor Wolcott is an effective advocate for Surprise at the state legislature and with her colleagues around the Valley. She reaches out to the community with town hall meetings, a constantly updated web presence and social media tools. She loves meeting residents, listening to concerns and getting answers.

Mayor Wolcott has more than 20 years of experience as an elected official, serving in the Minnesota House and Senate prior to discovering Surprise. As a mother of two and a grandmother of three, she brings a well balanced perspective to her passion for public service, and for making Surprise and Arizona a great place to live and work.

Mayor Sharon Wolcott

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